P- & Meth-Labs

Methamphetamine effects 1 in every 4 New Zealander’s, and has become one of the most serious drug problems of our time.

What is a Methamphetamine Lab?

Illegal methamphetamine labs use explosive substances and leave highly toxic residues from fumes and chemicals that permeate walls, carpet, wood and plaster. The health risks include burns, respiratory and neurological damage. The legal risks include liability for health issues among people using the premises. If that’s not bad enough, the clean-up team also has to watch out for needles, contaminated glassware and blood.  Returning a building to a state that’s fit for human occupation calls for specialist knowledge and skill

Step 1 Are you worried your home is contaminated with Meth? Maybe you’re buying or renting and you want to be sure it’s safe. We send our qualified samplers to conduct a meth test, which is sent to a laboratory.  Within days the lab will return results so we can provide a simple answer to your question, “Is my home or business

Meth-Free?”  Investigation

Step 2 If the answer is “No” then recommend an independent test company to confirm the Detailed Site Investigation (DSI).

The samples are delivered to a laboratory, we determine the surface contamination and estimate the depth of it, subject to variables.

At NZFS, we are then able to formulate a remediation plan and estimate cost of De-contamination of your home or business.

Step 3 Stages Post-Testing, Step 4; Once De-contamination is complete a re-test is done by independent testing company. In most cases, this completes the process. In some cases there is a deeper contamination, hidden by cleaning/redecorating.We must revise remediation plans, re-estimate costs, revisit the property and re-test.

Once testing confirms meth levels below the MOH guidelines, we report a clear test.

They will then remove equipment and decontaminate the affected areas, using internationally recommended procedures. Hazardous wastes will be disposed of at an approved facility.

Nothing is overlooked. We will take care of everything from curtains and drapes to contaminated soils, and we will work with the independent testing laboratory to provide pre and post-decontamination testing.

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