Vinyl & Linoleum

Vinyl Flooring For Your Working Environment

  • Stripping and Polishing vinyl floors
  • Old vinyls or lino flooring can be restored to their former loos and maintenance is important, we will provide a way to keep them looking like new.
  • Ask the Professionals how we can make worn dirty commercial vinyl look like new

Here at New Zealand Facility Services, you can be sure that your flooring, is being cared for by a trained professionals. We will come to your site, inspect the area to be treated and recommend the best treatment for the age, condition and usage of your floor.

Our largest clients of vinyl based flooring’s are commercial food retail. With ‘high traffic areas’ covered everyday by hundreds of customers, it’s no wonder that what could last 10 years only last 5 years. Having experience in vinyl floor management, we ensure we follow the correct process and take pride in our work.

We can offer clients advice on different grades of floor finish, including new nano technology products that are coming onto the market. Our system of stripping floors and machinery is quite different from what you may have experienced in the past.

In our experience time is a key factor when producing great results with your vinyl stripping and re-polishing, unlike larger commercial cleaning companies we don’t skip corner’s. We ensure that the cleaning teams are well staffed, well trained and given sufficient time to deliver the best results for your floors.

Please contact us for more information.