Water Blasting

High pressure washing

Water blasting is also known as pressure washing.

High pressure cleaning and water blasting

As well as building washes many clients use Water Blasting services from NZFS Group to clean and maintain:

  • footpaths
  • driveways
  • carparks
  • drains
  • concrete floors

Whilst heavy rain can help wash away debris and staining such as traffic dirt, dust, tyre marks, leaf litter, oil and road film, we can’t always rely on the weather to do our cleaning.

Of course it doesn’t rain inside so along with our floor scrubbing services, pressure washing and water blasting takes care of these surfaces.

Whether it is a patio with moss or lichen build-up or a full footpath with stains and spillages we can clean it with a variety of water blasting and cleaning solution options.

For more information please contact us:  contact@nzfsgroup.co.nz