Here at NZ Facility Services we live and work by a set of values – these six values are espoused by every member of the NZ Facility Services team.  We believe they encourage a can-do attitude, a willingness to always put the client first, an innovative approach to solution searching and a passion for always wanting to look out for team members’ backs and take that extra step.

The following six values are integral to providing the highest level of service possible, whilst recognising “work” can be “fun” and “different” doesn’t mean “wrong”:


we celebrate everyone’s differences and respect each other’s right of freedom to choose when it comes to friendship, spiritual fulfilment, life partner and political preferences.

Team Work

we acknowledge we are only as strong as our weakest link – we therefore strive to empower all team members so that everyone is able to perform at their optimal level of capability.


we value and respect our clients and co-workers – we therefore empower everyone to go above and beyond the legal requirements of creating accident-free workplaces.


we value and appreciate the communities we live and work in – it is therefore important to us that we contribute to our local communities in a holistic, valuable and worthwhile manner.


we appreciate the necessity of future sustainability for both our commercial organisation and our environment – we’re therefore committed to taking practical steps to ensure both the future viability of our company and our planet.


we strive at all times for honesty and honour – we therefore support everyone on our team to have integrity in their professional and personal lives.